Sabbath School is a wonderful way to learn about Jesus at every age level. It is fun and inviting and, although, He is the same Jesus, teaching methods change as children grow and mature.  Please see various divisions for age appropriacy.  While the ages given are strictly guidelines, we have found that they are generally accurate for stages in maturity. Parents are asked to determine where best to place their child based on expectations from each division.

Graduation from one division to another is typically done at the end of the quarter in which the child reaches the maximum age.  Each division handles "graduation" differently and parents are asked to seek out the leader to discuss their method.  Generally speaking, the best time to make a transition is at the beginning of a new quarter --  first Sabbaths in January, April, July and October.

Children's birthdays are generally recognized, although, the child will need to voice that their birthday is soon approaching or has just recently passed!

Sabbath School budgets are limited and very often, leaders and assistants delve into their own pockets to support their ministries.  Donations are necessary to keep us out of the "red" and are very greatly appreciated.  If you are able to help support one of our classrooms, please mark a tithe envelope as follows, (i.e., "Kindergarten SS Donation/Trust Funds").

Thank you for your interest in children and their love for Jesus.  Thank you for caring about their walk with Christ.  Thank you for being part of their journey.  You can make a difference with your time & resources.  We all can!

Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions or would like to help in any way.

* Download Sabbath School lessons here.